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Here's yet another poem constructed from text that has been translated into
multiple languages. It started as spam from Taiwan, as the others did. Unusual in this case is that it emerged in English as prose, probably stolen from somewhere to pad the spam. I kept intact (and enhanced) the odd imagery that emerged.

I am thought,
by raising it in feet and
by observing with ego.
Father and mother, do they like their devotees?
With their external part
I light the room.

This night, significant with the father and the mother,
the father and their mother took us to them:
Care to leave ours born?
Born ours in a more first life place, like a child.
The child awakes and it acts awaked,
happiness, innocence, beauty and the dream
of wool, family.
There, family is quit.

They obtained the brothers and the sisters.
The brothers and the sisters are branches of family.
Love exists with their enormous upper part;
Much of the birds will come, to remain under this tonality.
I disguise two, to have joined peace and have joined reality.
There peace is, and there, reality.
They are constructed on their comprehension.
There, comprehension is an effluence of compassion.
Basically, compassion adjusts thought.

There! I thought it!
When there are adjustments, vision will also adjust.
Where it adjusts, vision reverses in my heart.
My heart is full with pretty kindness.
The summer withdraws from the father, and finest wool.

I make it room, let it rain,
rain much with strong and there,
electric lantern of wool,
electric illumination runs
over exposed things.
To the wind, to the wind,
if to cool and one month’s thought,
guide this night within.

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